In the early 1890' s Christians in an area south of Dyer and north of Trenton felt the need for a Methodist Church in their community. Their organizational meeting was held at the Kimbrough School on April 22, 1894. The school was located on the dirt road between Dyer and Trenton in what is now the Georgetown Community. They continued worshipping at the school.

On August 3, 1894, Frank and Susan Markham and Samuel S. and Harriett Grier deeded one acre of land to the Church Trustees, T. D. Landrum, A. C. Bond, James Hunt, M. L. Webb and J. A. Dunnagan. The land was about a mile north of the Kimbrough School on the Dyer-Trenton road. The church was known as the Grier's Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church South and made a part of the Bradford Circuit. Rev. Joseph B. Pearson was Pastor of the Bradford Circuit and served through 1894.

The log church was built on the east side of the Dyer-Trenton road facing west. The eastern section of the lot behind the church served as the Church Cemetery. There were no other roads near. Members of the Webb, Grier, Markham, Thornton, Landrum, Derry, Talley, Hunt, Bond, Dunnagan and Mingle families composed the charter members of the church. The charter members and many others came by Certificate of Transfer, but it is not known from which church or churches they came. By the year 1900, the church membership was over one hundred.

In 1898 Grier's Chapel was assigned to the Dyer Circuit with three other churches, Poplar Grove, Good Hope and Hopewell. Dyer Church had left the Circuit to become a Station Church, and later bought the Circuit Parsonage. The Circuit bought another Parsonage in Dyer on High St. in 1901.

Grier's Chapel remained at the original location until 1925. On January 12, 1925, Albert E. and Bessie Harris Markham deeded a parcel of land just across the Dyer-Trenton road to the Church Trustees, T. J. Grier, Frank Markham, Ellis Rogers, R. N. Rogers, A. A. Webb and Marvin Emerson. The log church was moved across the road to the lot donated by Albert and Bessie Markham. The original site of the church building was then available on which to expand the already established Grier's Chapel Church Cemetery.

As the log church was moved to its new site, the length of the building was placed in a north-south location. Two Sunday School rooms, a vestibule and front porch were added to the east side, thus making the building face the Dyer-Trenton road. A section was added to the west side for a choir, pulpit, and altar rail. The church bell was moved to this new site. It was rung early on Sunday mornings and tolled when there was to be a funeral.

Upon entering the church, a large stove was on the right side near the front of the pews for heating in cold weather. In hot weather, the windows were raised and people used hand fans furnished to churches by local Funeral Homes. Some of the ladies brought their own hand fans. For revival or any night services, the church was lighted with lanterns hanging from the ceiling. They were pulled down to fill with coal-oil, hand pumped with air to make the light brighter, then pushed back up. After and hour or more, the lights became dim and had to be air pumped again.

In the mid 1920's a highway was built between Dyer and Trenton and opened in 1927. This was about two-tenths mile west of the church and later a dirt road was built from the new highway to the church. At some time this road was extended eastward to join with other roads built later.

In 1922 Rev. J. M. Kendall organized a Women's Missionary Society. Mrs. Myrtle Craig was the first President, Mrs. Effie Markham the second, and Mrs. Lala Puckett was the third President. About 1949 a Wesleyan Service Guild was organized for the younger working women. This group met at night, while the Women's Missionary Society met during the day. At a later time both groups became United Methodist Women.

Worship services were held at Grier's Chapel on first Sundays at 11 :00 A.M. and on third Sunday afternoons at 2:00 P.M. Poplar Grove's services were first Sunday afternoon at 2:00 and third Sunday at 11 :00 A.M. Good Hope had morning worship on second Sundays and afternoon worship on fourth Sundays while Hopewell had worship services fourth Sunday mornings and second Sunday afternoons.

Due to an increase in membership in the early 1930's, there was a need for further expansion. Under the leadership of Mr. Raymond Batchelor, the

young men of the church dug a basement under about one-fourth of the church on the south side. When the project was completed it was used as a Sunday School class room for the young men and activities room for the youth. There was an outside entrance to stairs that led down to this room.

A chimney was built from the basement up so there could be a heating stove in the basement room. At this time the heating stove in the sanctuary was moved from the front of the pews on the north side to the new chimney on the south side.

In 1939 a uniting conference formed The Methodist Church from a combination of the Methodist Episcopal Church, the Methodist Protestant Church, and the Methodist Episcopal Church South. There had been a long and determined effort to join all of these groups into one church and it was finally accomplished. Our name then became Grier's Chapel Methodist Church. Doctrines of the Methodist Church are based on the specific teachings of John Wesley.

In the middle to late 1930's an Epworth League, a Youth Organization of the Methodist Church, was organized. The purpose was to help young people deepen their faith and build Christian character. This organization was very important to the many young people in the church. It met on Sunday nights and later was called Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF).

At the beginning of the 1940' s things were changing in the world and in the church. World War II was going on and many young men in the church were drafted into some branch of service to our country. Some food items were rationed. Gas was rationed which made it difficult for those who did have cars. Many families did not have cars. Church seemed to be a place of comfort in the troubled times. Many young people walked from every direction to attend MYF. The attendance was sometimes between thirty and forty. Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Ruby Batchelor were MYF counselors. Mr. Batchelor had built an enclosed trailer with window openings and a back door opening. There were bench" seats on each side. He pulled this trailer behind his car and picked up people along the highway from Trenton to the church. Many depended on this ride to church. It was called 'The Bus'. It was a cold ride in the winter, but better and faster than walking. He brought the bus on Sunday mornings, for MYF and during the revival.

In 1939. the old Parsonage was torn down and a new one build by men from the four churches. Rev. J. C. Gilbert was pastor at that time and the new Parsonage was build to accommodate his family of six children. It included a living room, dining room, kitchen, guest bedroom, study, master bedroom and a bathroom. Upstairs was a bedroom on the front for the three girls and one at the back for the three boys. There was a nice front porch and a back porch across the back of the house and a basement. Many pastors enjoyed living there.

People 'in the church looked forward to the revival. It was an important and exciting time. Ladies planned meals for dinner and at night for the pastor, his family and the visiting Evangelist. Large crowds attended and it lasted all week. The Evangelist stayed in the guest room at the Parsonage. The morning services started at 10:30 and the night services at 7 or 7:30. Revival week took priority in the life of the church. The Pastor and Evangelist visited in homes. Young people and older ones also, made a profession of faith, were baptized and joined the church. From about the late 1930's to late 1940's, a blind singer, Arthur Barber, came from Memphis to lead singing at our revival if scheduling worked out. Someone in Memphis would put him on the bus and the Pastor would meet him when the bus arrived in Dyer. He also stayed at the Parsonage. He played an accordion and was a delight to everyone. He learned his way around in the church and knew exactly where to go. What a blessing to be around him. He visited and ate in the homes with the Pastor and Evangelist. He was called Bro. Barber. The four churches on the Dyer Circuit had separate revivals, so that meant the guest room at the parsonage would be occupied for four weeks by different Evangelists. The pastor and wife had four busy weeks during the summer revivals.

Down through the years, Grier's Chapel has had many praying people, but the spirit-filled prayers led by Mrs. Annie Bond just seemed to raise the people to a higher ground. Many years later, the humble prayers led by Mrs. Peggy Spellings could warm the hearts of any congregation. What a blessing! Both of these dear ladies have gone on to be with the Lord.

When Grier's Chapel was organized, the church must have been blessed with qualified leadership. It is not known who the first leaders were, but Mr. Ed Markham was the first known Sunday School Superintendent He served many years and was followed by Mr. Allie A. Webb, who also served many years. There have been many others to serve in that position down through the years. Mr. Allie A. Webb was the first known song leader, also serving many years. He was followed by Mr. Raymond Blackburn, continuing a lengthy service. Next was Mr. Kenneth McEwen, the present day song leader who also brings special music each Sunday. He sings with a Quartet. Mrs. Jettie Mae Rogers Manuel was the first known pianist. She began as a young girl and served in that position until well into her senior years. Christine McEwen was always available to serve as pianist when she was needed and filled that position in later years. A young man, Stan George, later became the pianist while Christine McEwen played the organ. At a later time, Stan's Mother, Martha Jewell George Buckingham, became the pianist while Christine continued at the organ. Grier's Chapel is so blessed to have had all these talented people contribute so much to the music program. There have been many dedicated Sunday School teachers through the years.

In the early years, the church pews were slatted in the seat and the back. There were straight chairs in the choir. On April 10, 1946, Grier's Chapel purchased new pews from Budde & Weis Manufacturing Co. in Jackson for $938.74 The erecting fee was $110.00. These pews are enjoyed by the present congregation. Pads were added several years later.

In 1950 the Dyer Circuit was assigned to the Dyersburg District. At this time there was another need for expansion. A basement was dug under the remaining part of the building making the entire basement available for Sunday School rooms and a kitchen. The Sunday School room on the north side of the church entrance was made into a hall with a closet and steps leading into the basement. The outside entrance to the original basement room was removed.

In the early 1950's a gas furnace and two gas heaters were installed in the sanctuary. Gas heaters were put in the basement. The big propane gas tank was in the side yard. (In the 1980' s a natural gas line was installed along the road by the church. Then the switch was made to natural gas). Two large window fans were installed in the sanctuary, one on the north side and the other on the south side. Several years later a central heating and cooling system was installed in the sanctuary.

Later the Sunday School rooms on both sides of the entrance were extended out to the side of the church. This made a larger room for the older ladies' class on the south side. The extension on the north side was made into two bathrooms which opened into the hall leading to the sanctuary.

The Hopewell Church closed in November 1963. In December 1963, Grier's Chapel made the decision to take Hopewell's financial responsibility and their worship schedule, thus making Grier's Chapel half time. Grier's would add worship services on fourth Sunday mornings and second Sunday nights. (At that time the afternoon services had changed to night services). Poplar Grove and Good Hope would each continue with one-fourth time. That was the beginning of Grier's Chapel having a worship service every Sunday. Instead of Dyer Circuit, the charge was then called Grier's Chapel, Poplar Grove and Good Hope. The Harrison family at the Hopewell Church had placed a new Communion Table in their church in memory of their Mother, Mrs. Minnie Harrison. Realizing Hopewell would be closing, they then gave the Communion Table to Grier's Chapel. What a great gift. Their only request was that the metal name plate on the table not be removed. That table is still enjoyed by the congregation at Grier's Chapel.

About the same time period, a new pulpit was built and presented to Grier's Chapel by Harold (Red) Bond, a former member who proudly calls Grier's Chapel his home church. Harold had many close relatives who were faithful members at Grier's Chapel down through the years.

In 1968 a Plan of Union was proposed to bring together the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church. The two churches share a common historical and spiritual heritage. They might have been one church from the beginning had it not been for a language barrier. The Methodist were working among English speaking people and the Evangelical and United Brethren among German speaking people. The language barrier is gone and the time came to join. All became The United Methodist Church. Our name is now Grier's Chapel United Methodist Church.

In the early 1970's the church sanctuary was renovated. Eleven families purchased stained glass windows to be installed in memory of their loved ones passed on, or to honor members of their family. Hanging light fixtures were installed. The choir section was rearranged to make room for an organ. A new alter rail was built. Glass doors were installed at the entrance. Painting and other things were done to make the nice sanctuary enjoyed by the present congregation.

In 1982 things were changing again. Good Hope was assigned as an Extended Ministry of the Dyer First United Methodist Church. Grier's Chapel  and Poplar Grove became a 2-point charge, and were known as Grier's Chapel-Poplar Grove.

Homecoming was held at Grier's Chapel on the first Sunday in May during the years 1983 thru 1986. In 1983 Harold (Red) Bond, a former member, was the speaker. The following year, Rev. Shelby Thompson, a former Pastor, filled the pulpit. The third Homecoming service was led by Rev. Jerry Truett, who grew up in Grier's Chapel and later became a Pastor in the Assembly of God. The last Homecoming service was held by Rev. Shelby Thompson. Many former members attended the service during the four years of Homecomings. Great fellowship and good food were enjoyed by all. These services were special in the life of Grier's Chapel.

The year 1991 brought on more changes. Due to the Memphis Conference dropping from eight to seven Districts, all of Gibson county was assigned to the Brownsville District. Grier's Chapel was now back to the Brownsville District where the church was at the time of organization in 1894. At that time the District Superintendent, Rev. Dossie Wheatley, organized a Gibson County Cluster, with Cluster meetings scheduled for fifth Sunday evenings at different Methodist churches in the county. Since Poplar Grove had a large Fellowship Hall, two Cluster events were held there with Grier's Chapel co-hosting. At the organizational meeting of the Cluster, Sylvia Markham at Grier's Chapel was elected Secretary and Treasurer and served in that position for eleven years. Rev. Russell Doss, the Pastor at Grier's Chapel and Poplar Grove, was one of the most supportive Pastors of the Cluster. When the Cluster decided to purchase a much needed truck for Reelfoot Rural Ministries, Rev. Doss made arrangements for the purchase and even had enough faith in the Cluster to sign the note at the Memphis Conference Federal Credit Union. Christine McEwen and Kenneth McEwen participated in some of the musical programs. Grier's Chapel has been well represented in the Gibson County Cluster.

Grier's Chapel United Methodist Church celebrated its 100th Anniversary on August 28, 1994. Rev. Russell Doss was serving as Pastor at the time of this celebration. Harold (Red) Bond shared memories of his growing up years at Grier's. Kenneth McEwen brought special music and Rev. Ken Burnett, the Brownsville District Superintendent delivered the sermon. A delicious meal and great fellowship were enjoyed by all attending.

By the late 1980's many Pastors preferred to live in their own homes and not the Parsonages. Our Parsonage in Dyer was rented at different times and required much upkeep. In 1998 Grier's Chapel and Poplar Grove made the decision to sell. Mr. Bill Green from Dyer bought it for $40,000 and the money was divided between the two churches to be used to maintain their church building and the grounds.

By the early 1960' s there were over one hundred attending church at Grier's Chapel. Then by the early 1980' s there were about eighty attending regularly. The children had grown up and many moved away. Seems that time was the beginning of a slow decline. Several young families came into the church and soon their jobs took them elsewhere. There were fewer new members and death was claiming many of the older ones. The decline has been constant through the ninety's and many deaths since the year two thousand, with some in the leadership role. Our attendance in the year 2005 is between 12-17, with 14 as a good average, especially since most of our members are older. We have tithers in the church which helps to keep our finances in order. We have one Sunday School class. Our worship services are meaningful and include special music. We are a spirit-filled church.

When the church was organized in 1894 and for many years later, Memphis Annual Conference met about the middle of November and appointments were made at that time. That was such an inconvenience for the Pastor's children had to change schools in the middle of the school year. For that reason and others, the Annual Conference meeting time was changed to begin the first Sunday in June. When Conference meets this June 2005, more changes are coming. Many small churches are struggling to survive as membership drops making financial obligations difficult to handle. There is a shortage of Pastors, some churches are closing, some two-point charges are being split with each church being assigned to different charges. Grier's Chapel and Poplar Grove are remaining together while Griffin's Chapel is being added to the charge. This will give financial relief to all three churches. The schedule for worship services is changing. Grier's Chapel will have 9:30 services on first and third Sundays, while Poplar Grove will have their worship at 11 :00 on first and third Sundays. Griffin's Chapel will have services on second and fourth Sundays at 11 :00 A.M.

The Charge will now be known as Grier's Chapel-Poplar Grove-Griffin's Chapel. The Griffin's Chapel church is located near Bradford. The present Pastor for Grier's Chapel-Poplar Grove is Rev. Wayne P. Holmes. He is the first Elder these churches have had in many years. The new Pastor assigned to Grier's Chapel-Poplar Grove-Griffin's Chapel is Rev. William Copeland.

The longest serving Pastor in the History of Grier's Chapel was Rev. Shelby Thompson who led the congregation for eleven years. While living in the community after his retirement, he attended Grier's Chapel Church, taught Sunday School on fifth Sundays and continued with weddings and funerals. He preached his last sermon at Grier's Chapel on his ninetieth birthday and became ill soon after. He went to be with the Lord in October 2003 and his funeral was held at Grier's Chapel.

Rev. Daymond Duck was at Grier's for seven years, making him the second longest serving Pastor. He lives near Grier's Chapel, but serving another charge. He conducted Rev. Shelby Thompson's funeral at Grier's and has conducted funerals of many Grier's members. He is a blessing to the entire community and a great spiritual leader.

The Pastor's family most remembered down through the years was Rev. and Mrs. J. C. Gilbert and their six children, Helen, Rebecca, Lori Elizabeth, J. C. Paul and John. Lasting friendships were made not only at Grier's, but the entire Dyer Circuit. Rebecca Gilbert May is the only member of the family now living in this area.

As this is written on June 1, 2005, Grier's Chapel has stood for one hundred eleven years as a Beacon of Light, Comfort and Hope to the hundreds of people who have come through the doors to worship the Lord, accept Jesus as their Savior, enjoy the abundant life, and continue serving Him while being in fellowship with other Christians. What a great life!

Through the years, the many people who have been a part of the Grier's Chapel congregation, have had their own 'Precious Memories' which blessed their souls. May God's richest blessings be with the present congregation as each continues to glorify Him and continue in service to Him.   


February 2011



Early 1940s


After 1940s




Mrs. Myrtle Craig was the first President of the Grier's Chapel Women's Missionary Society which was organized about 1922 by the Rev. J. M. Kendall. The second President was Mrs. Effie Markham and the third was Mrs. Lala Puckett.


Picture made in the 1930's
First row - M
rs. Effie Markham, Miss Ollie Markham, Mrs. Lala Puckett, Batchelor boy. Second row - Mrs. Octava Gillespie, Mrs. Golden Needham, Mrs. Annie Bond, Mrs. Arbie Stricklin, Mrs. Georgia Batchelor. Third row - Mrs. Ella McEwen, Unknown, Mrs. Ruby Batchelor, Mrs. Lavere George, Mrs. Naomi McKinley, and Mrs. Mettie Blackburn. Miss Ollie Markham is the only charter member of the church on this picture.


Mr. Ed and Mrs. Effie Lister Markham
First couple to be married at Grier's Chapel Church November 1897.
Picture made celebrating 50th Anniversary November 1947.
Mr. Markham was first known Sunday School Superintendent.
Mrs. Markham was active in the Women's Missinorary Society.


Mr. Allie and Mrs. Della Webb

Mr. Webb was the first known song leader at Grier's Chapel Church and served many years.  He was the second known Sunday School Superintendent and also serving many years.

Mr Webb was a Trustee when land was deeded to the Grier's Chapel church Trustees on Jnauary 12, 1925 for the present location of the Church.

Mrs Webb was devoted member of the Church and active in the Women's Missionary Society.


 Mr. Ellis and Mrs. Avery Hunt Rogers

Mr. Rogers was a Church Trustee when land was deeded to the Grier's Chapel Church rustees on January  12, 1925 for the present location of the Church.

Mrs. Rogers was an active member of Grier's Chapel Church serving in different positions.


 Mr. Cyrus and Mrs. Jettie Mae Rogers Manuel

Mrs. Jettie Mae was the first known pianist at Grier's Chapel. She began as a young girl and served in that position until well into her senior years. She was a Blessing to the Church.

Mr. Cyrus was a devoted member of Grier's Chapel Church and willing to serve the Lord as he was needed.

Grier's Chapel
Today  April 2011



Rev. William Copeland came as Pastor to Grier's Chapel, Poplar Grove and Griffin's Chapel after the June 2005 Annual Conference. It was a difficult transition for Griffin's Chapel to join with Grier's Chapel and Poplar Grove. They were split with the other churches on their former charge. Griffin's Chapel bought their Parsonage from the other churches and Rev. Copeland would be living there next door to Griffin's Chapel Church. Grier's Chapel and Poplar Grove would each contribute $25 a month for the upkeep of their Parsonage where our Pastor lives.

Soon after Rev. Copeland arrived, Grier's Chapel learned that Griffin's Chapel had worship services on second and fourth Sunday mornings and also evening services. And Bible Study on the Wednesday night following. Since Grier's Chapel and Poplar Grove each had only two services a month, Grier's Chapel asked if we could have a second Sunday worship service at 9:30 A.M. which was our regular service time. Poplar Grove agreed to a 9:30 worship service on fourth Sundays. Our Pastor was happy to do these extra services, so Grier's Chapel and Poplar each have three worship services a month. Sorry to report, but Griffin's Chapel church was heavily damaged, the Parsonage received damage and their Fellowship Building was blown away when a tornado came through the area in April 2006. Griffin's Chapel will be building a new church.

1n early 2006 a family built a new house in the area east of Grier's Chapel and started attending. They began inviting some of their neighbors and their own family members who attended occasionally. We are happy to report that our average church attendance has increased. Rev. Copeland (Bro. Bill) is a God called preacher who brings messages given to him by the Lord each Sunday. He is a humble man.

In early spring 2006, Grier's Chapel got a new roof on the church, thanks to our Chairman of the Trustees, Glenn George. It is a reddish color and matches the roof on the Gazebo in the Cemetery. There were leaks in the old roof and the new one was put on top of it. The new roof looks nice.

In the year 2006 a charge revival was planned to begin on Sunday evening, July 23 and continue through Wednesday, July 26. Since the Griffin's Chapel Church was heavily damaged from a tornado and had to be tom down, plans were made to have the services at Grier's Chapel and Poplar Grove. (Griffin's Chapel was having services in the Fellowship Hall at the Bradford United Methodist Church). To begin the revival would be a 5:00 P.M. Fellowship Meal at Poplar Grove, followed by a singing at 6:00 P.M. featuring "The Singing Believers Quartet" with Kenneth McEwen from Grier's as the lead singer and manager. The worship service began at 7:00 P.M. with Rev. Mike Jeffers, Pastor of the Gleason, Tn. United Methodist Church, as Evangelist for the series of services. A large number of people were in attendance. Monday night services were also at Poplar Grove with Griffin's Chapel filling the choir and in charge of the music. The Tuesday and Wednesday night services were held at Grier's Chapel with Special Music each night. Former Pastors attending were Rev. Daymond Duck and wife, Rachel on Sunday night, then Rev. James Ray Hayes and wife Martha, attending on Wednesday night. Many members were lost by death in recent years.

Our charge has had a Charge Annual Conference in the late months of the year for many years. In 2006 our District Superintendent made changes by having a Cluster Conference for the churches in north Gibson County. All reports had to be prepared and sent in to the District office before the Conference. All the Pastors serving the north Gibson County churches had a part in the service. At a later date he scheduled a charge Conference for the churches in south Gibson County. The Conference was more like a combined worship service for the churches. Gibson County was the only county having two Conferences because of its size. The other four counties in the Brownsville District had only one Conference each.

Grier's Chapel is blessed with faithful members attending and many families tithing. We are a spirit-filled church as the year 2006 ends.



Since our update in 2005, Grier's Chapel has lost several members by death At the present time we have a few older members who have been active and now unable to attend. We gained two members in June 2010 by transfer from another church. Our offerings are good as we have tithers in the church. In the last few years we have paid our Conference Askings 100%.

In 2009 we put new blacktop on our parking lot and driveways. Our church is now one hundred sixteen years old and we try to keep it in good condition.

When Annual Conference met in June 2010, there were more changes. Poplar Grove church closed. Griffin's Chapel went full time. Grier's Chapel is now an Extended Ministry of the Dyer First United Methodist Church. The Poplar Grove membership has been transferred to Grier's Chapel. Rev. William (Bill) Copeland retired due to health problems. The present Pastor of Dyer / Grier's Chapel is Rev. Donald Barnett, a God-called Preacher, who is a Full Connection Elder. The Barnett family lives in the Dyer Parsonage. The Dyer and Grier's Chapel congregations plan to coordinate.

May God's richest blessings be with the present and future generations of the Grier's Chapel United Methodist Church. 


Bradford Circuit:

Joseph B. Pearson 1893-1894
T. J. Featherston    1894-1895
 T.C. Young              1895-1896
J. M. Pickens           1896-1897
 Lee Sanders           1897-1898
J. W. Oliver             1898-1899

Dyer Circuit;

C. J. Mauldin             1899-1900
T.J. Simmons             1900-1901
W. A. Dungan            1901-1903
J. F. Carl                      1903-1905
P. A. Fowler               1905-1907
T. J. Simmons            1907-1909
T. S. Stratton             1909-1910
T. H. Davis                  1910-1914
A. W. Lassiter            1914-1918
 T. N. Wilkes              1918-1920
W. A. Banks               1920-1922
J. M. Kendall              1922-1925
O. J. Smith                  1925-1927
E. E. Spears                1927-1928
W. A. Baker                1928-1931 (father of Hattie Baker Watson)
J. C. Carson                1931-1932
O. H. Lafferty             1932-1936
Walter T. Garner       1936-1938
M. S. McCastlin         1938-1939
J. C. Gilbert                1939-1943
Herman D. Weaver  1943-1944
James M. Boykin     1944-1945
Charles O. Frey        1945-1947
William M. Vaughn, Sr. 1947-1950
W. C. Baker              1950-1951
Raymond E. Street  1951-1954
 Paul T. McClarin     1954-1956
Norman N. Orr        1956-1961
W. C. Baker              1961-1963


• Hopewell Church closed in 1963
Shelby Thompson      1963-1974 (father of Joyce Thompson McEwen)

Thomas Cary              1974-1979
Edward Phillips          1979-1981
Paul Mulroy                1981-1982

 Grier's Chapel- Poplar Grove:
* Good Hope assigned as extended Ministry of Dyer in 1982

James Pate                   1982-1984
Daymond Duck            1984-1991
Barbara Blackmon      1991-1992
Russell Doss                 1992-1996

Walter  McClanahan  1996-1998
John R. Hitz                  1998-Dec. 1999
James R. Hayes   Jan. 2000-2001
Wayne P. Holmes       2001-2005

Grier's Chapel- Poplar Grove - Griffin' Chapel:

William Copeland         2005-2010

Grier's Chapel Extended Ministry of the Dyer FUMC
Rev. Donald Barnett      2010 - To 2015
Rev. Randy Mutter        2015 - To Present

* * * * * * * * * *

This document was prepared by:

Sylvia DePriest Markham Grier's Chapel United Methodist Church Historian 2005.


Old Deeds,
Old Church Records,
Old Charge Conference Records
Memories of older living members
Records  passed down in Markham family
information from present Pastor, Rev. Wayne P. Holmes
Personal knowledge and memories of
Sylvia DePriest Markham...